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"If a story is in you, it has to come out." William Faulkner 
i believe every story is important & deserves to be photographed.

hey, i'm kendra! 


Messy-short hair, tall and I like being outside. I've been obsessed with taking photos of people since I was seven years old, starting photographing weddings solo in 2015 and I've been head over heels since. Photographing a wedding gives me the same kind of thrill & magnitude that reaching a top of a mountain does . . . or stargazing in the desert. Your wedding is a once and a lifetime event. Even more important than that is your marriage, choosing to love and spend your life with your person, your soulmate (tbh I didn't really believe in soulmates until i met my fiancé . . . but now I'm 100% convinced that soulmates are a real thing & worth celebrating).



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I absolutely loved having our pictures taken by Kendra! Even though there were tons of other people at Max Patch and I was the only one wearing a dress, I felt so comfortable. I normally hate getting my picture taken, but she is so much fun to be with it, makes it so easy to be relaxed in front of the camera. She’s super easy going and loves to hear your ideas on poses, but is also amazing at capturing every moment and going with the flow. And I lovedddd seeing the pictures for the first time!! I legit couldn’t stop looking at them all day and choosing which ones were my favorite. So happy I will have these forever and can’t wait to hang them on my wall!

-- Tiffany