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We're both passionate about people and about each other. There's nothing more important than your relationships.

We met on Valentines Day of 2018 and have hardly left each other's side since! Our own wedding is this August and we're so excited to be able to have that shared experience with our clients. We've been shooting together as a team since June of 2018 and have loved every second of it. We're individually both skilled photographers with our own strengths and weaknesses that compliment each other's and that's made working together so much better and enjoyable than working alone. We love to have fun and grab coffee, drinks, or dinner with our clients any chance we get, the most important thing to us is that you feel comfortable when we're around and we work to make that happen. Shared passions and hobbies with our clients are the best so here's a little about what we like to do. We love going on hikes (Bernheim is one of our favorites), doing yoga and climbing together, getting drinks and smoking cigars, visiting all the coffee shops in Louisville (we disagree on which one's the best), going thrifting and eating barbecue together, and taking pictures of our friends. We really like being involved in things going on around Louisville and supporting local businesses (as we've both got a few of our own we understand the struggle). If we don't share any of those things in common though don't worry!, some of our favorite clients and client relationships have been with couples nothing like us, we just enjoy connecting with people. 

Enough about us, though! We want to hear more about you . . . reach out, let us buy you coffee and take your photos! :) 

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