photo credit to Ben Calhoun 

photo credit to Ben Calhoun 

"If a story is in you, it has to come out." -- William Faulkner

I care more about capturing your love for each other than your wedding cake (no offense to the cake baker). I care more about photographing you two caught in a genuine laugh than in the perfect pose. If you want the real moments documented forever, I'm your girl. If you're not cool with walking barefoot through a field or getting your wedding dress a little dirty, I'm probably not your girl. I'm all about movement, natural light, honesty and being in the great outdoors as much as possible. 

Besides weddings, I specialize in lifestyle and portrait sessions. Wanna cuddle in bed with a cup of coffee and your love? I'll photograph it. Graduating high school and need some rad, not-so-average portraits? We'll have a blast! Want some photos of you playing guitar for your new album cover? Musicians are my favorite. 

What else besides photography?  I've moved more times than I can count and traveling this earth we're on is something I never want to stop doing. Good coffee is something I'm always on the watch for . . . I used to be a barista. If I end up taking your photos, we will most likely end up drinking good coffee. but I also am constantly drinking tea for all you tea-lovers out there.  I listen to music really loud and love love concerts.  I'm obsessed with the sky and the forest. I like yoga, kayaking, essential oils and kombucha . . .  I'm kind of a mini hippie.  There's probably other random things I could blabber on about, but enough about me. Shoot me an email, dm me on instagram -- I want to hear about you. really.