Jordan & Dakota | Portland, Louisville

I asked these two incredible humans to model for me. Sometimes it's good for me to get out of my head and shoot without the pressure of being paid (I love my clients but hey, it's a real thing) so I can try crazier creative stuff than what I normally would. Jordan and Dakota were both 100% down to shoot with me and adventure around downtown Louisville. 

Cool story: just a couple weeks after they shot with me, they got engaged. So we've decided these are their official engagement pics. 

And this may be off topic for photography blogging, but Jordan blogs over at "A State Of Ruin". She's inspired me a tonnn to use less plastic and less waste, to recycle what I do use. You should go give her blog a read or follow her on instagram -- she's got some very helpful tips! 

anyway, this couple is pretty damn great. enjoy! 


Andi & Anderson | Cherokee Park

I shot their engagement session back in October, when the leaves were all pretty. We actually did a sunrise session. That's when I figured out how amazing morning sessions are: I started the day with a good hike (all my couples will get a workout during their sessions), the light was perfectly soft anddd they made mimosas halfway through. We ended the session with coffee and breakfast at Eggs Over Frankfort. See? Morning sessions are amazing. 

Andi and Anderson have a sweet, steady and giddy kind of love. You can pick that up right away or even from looking at their photos. They currently are long distance (if you've ever done it, you know long distance suckss) but choose to love and it's clear they're fit perfectly for each other. I absolutely can't wait to shoot their wedding this coming fall. 


Amy Rogers

Coffee is a really great thing. Sunergos is also a really great thing. And I was ecstatic when Amy wanted to include both sunergos coffee and smoke bombs into her senior session (she's pretty cool). 

Seniors -- don't be afraid to bring along some personality to your session. Go take some photos at the horse farm you work at, grab your guitar . . . or in Amy's case, a really good latte. 

Madison & Hunter

Horses, barns and wading barefoot in a creek . . . pretty much makes up my kind of engagement photoshoot. When Madison mentioned wanting to do photos at the family farm in Colombia, Kentucky, I got all excited. Hunter and Madison were high school sweethearts and have been together since they were 14. They're adorable. 

enjoy the photos! i picked my favorites. 



of dust and green lush 

tears chasing down ebony skin 

some tears of sweat, some tears of heartache 

they fall on thick, dusty soil that burns red and orange

burns with heat, too 


my soul thirsts and then, the thirst is quenched

 all at once

thirsty, because she pulls on my hand with frail fingers and hollow eyes


she whispers, her voice filled more with plea and less with question 

"no." i choke back. "not your mama." 

but i pull her closer 


thirst is quenched because of joy & hope & Jesus

all at once 

joy dances in the tears of sweat and of pain 

it dances on the red streets 

hope is written in her eyes, deeper than sorrow

inked in her skin 

it is always there -- hope