Erin & Steven

I've shared Erin and Steven's engagement photos over here before and now I get to show their wedding photos (: Remember them? They have a cute dog and they also had pizza at their wedding. They're pretty cool. 

Their wedding was at the Gardens of Ray Eden and one of the prettiest. They kept the ceremony short & sweet and focused on their love for each other, their friends and family. All of my favorites. 

shout-out to the wonderful people who helped! 

caterer: Mozzi's Pizza
DJ: Mike Ballard
florist: Kim Abney
cake: Sweet Surrender Dessert Cafe
officiant: Shaun Fortney

second shooter: Hannah Elizabeth Photography

venue: The Gardens of Ray Eden 




paris, france

Paris is the city of love, so i guess it's fitting that the word "love" and the meaning of it have been running through my head lately. I've probably mentioned before that I tend to overcomplicate or overthink things. well, I did it again. 

I got caught up in trying to figure out the meaning of life (still workin' on that one) and the logic behind things that I'd forgotten one of the things I value most: love. More than religion; more than finding answers to questions. After all, the reason I used to believe in religion or follow a certain path was because I ultimately believe in love. In putting others first. In caring and sharing well. In kindness. I, in my obsessing over which path I should take, had forgotten the point of journey. love. 

Sometimes love is practical. Making dinner for a friend or doing the dishes. Sometimes love is hard. Maybe forgiving someone or confronting them or doing what's best for them even when it sucks for you. Sometimes love is creative. Arranging flowers or writing a poem. Usually love is messy. I think it gets most messy when I start looking for what I can get out of love (which isn't love at all) and not what is best for the other human.  Love is messy because it requires you to take a step back from your instincts and think, then act upon that thought. Love isn't impatient, it isn't easy, it's not all butterflies, it definitely isn't mere sexual drives and it sometimes makes me feel like an idiot. 

These are all things I know . . .  but in the midst of it all, i was stagnant, not living it out loud. I don't want to be stagnant. I want to be full. Full of kindness for others, for myself, for the earth so I can set my heart on what I believe matters. love. 

Daniel & Danielle

I know I've raved enough on here about how much I love in-home sessions, so I'll spare you from that rant. 

BUT I will probably rave about Daniel and Danielle. I had a blast during this whole shoot! They're both so full of vibrant life, laughter and some mad dance moves. Danielle rocks her pink hair and is a photographer herself, a pretty amazin' one. And Daniel? He can cook . . . enough said. 

Turn on some ODESZA (<--- what we jammed to this entire session) and enjoy the photos. 

Julianna Blacey

Happy friday, friends! Here's some photos of the gorgeous Julianna. I can never turn down portrait sessions, especially seniors cause they're the most fun. check out the photos (she's a babe) and enjoy your weekend! 

Tiffany & Baker

I often forget to be grateful. Scratch that, I forget wayyy too often. I forget to be grateful for simple everyday things like being able to eat three meals a day or having a car to drive. I also forget to be grateful for my clients . . . cause my kind of clients are clients that turn into friends. Tiffany and Baker were the kind that turn into friends and the kind where though I might be rushing around with my camera all day, my heart is filled to the brim the entire time. There were some tears on their wedding day, a lot of mosquitoes and even some rain (okay, a lot of rain) but the closeness of family and the couple's relationship stood out more than anything. 

After grabbing some storm photos (that I ended up lovin!) instead of sunset photos on their wedding day, rain is now my friend. And Shelby Hills Farm has been one of my favorite barn venues out here in Kentucky and the other vendors were so kind to work with. I'll give em a shout out below! 

Tiffany and Baker, you all make it easier to be grateful. thankyouthankyou and I wish you both all the best! 

Vendors: Shelby Hills Farm

Videographer: Luke Metzger Videos

Makeup: Kaitlyn Mullins

Hair: Shelia Distler

Caterer: Hometown Pizza

Florist: David Williams    

DJ: Ron Middleton

Cake: Sams club, artsy fartsy

Officiant: Mike Noble